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Quality Water of Montana
The TrojanUVMax IHS12-D4 comes equipped with a UV and filters to provide an easy-to-choose, install and maintain solution for all your drinking water needs.

This system is cULus listed and is equipped with filters to remove sediment, improve taste and remove odours from the water. Supported by VIQUA's Reference Card to quickly answer common questions and a lamp counter to remind you when to change the lamp.
TrojanUVMax™ IHS12-D4
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The TrojanUVMax™ offers a chemical free approach to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores from your drinking water. There are no harmful chemicals or bi-products added to your water. The initial cost is low and maintenance and operating costs are minimal compared to other treatment methods. Easy to install, and simple operation make this system advantageous to other systems. This can be installed as a whole house UV treatment or point-of-use.

To find out which system is best for your home and family please call Quality Water of Montana for more information.